waterdrops: “I Can’t Stop Smiling!”


Source: waterdrops, “I can’t stop smiling!” Imgur. 18 Nov 2014


“I Can’t Stop Smiling!”

On 18 Nov 2014, waterdrops posted on Imgur two gifs of women smiling with this heading: “I can’t stop smiling!” This is her story:

“At my university there is this student-run walk-home service where two students will walk you from campus to your destination if you ever have to walk alone late at night. I’ve used it now and again, but I’m certainly not a regular.

“After a long night of studying on campus and an awful run in with my ex (which left me feeling pretty crappy), I didn’t exactly feel up to venturing out in the darkness alone. So I called this walk-home service.

“Two students came and walked me over to my home, while having the most lovely conversation. One of the students, an upbeat and adorable guy, was just the ray of sunshine that I needed on such a gloomy night. We chatted about a handful of things, especially about this one course that we are both in. Upon arriving to my home, the walk-home workers were about to head back and this guy said he loved chatting with me and he will formally introduce himself in class the next time (since he was at work at the time, and that’d be unprofessional). This left me giddy all weekend.

“Fast forward a few days to now. He kept to his word and introduced himself in class the next day and immediately asked for my number! We have been chatting and as of tonight, he asked me out on a date. Like a date-date! I’m so unbelievably excited, Imgur!

“TL;DR. I hit it off immediately with a guy at his work. We now are going on a date. I’m so happy!”

In the comments section, some other Imgurians pointed out something good about this story.

Ilikebreakfast commented, “The fact that he didn’t hit on you while on the job and made sure not to make you uncomfortable is a good sign of his character.”

tdvideo commented, “I like that he held off until class. That’s the way to do it.” (And TheAllHighEruIluvatar commented, “One might say he’s … classy.”)

By the way, dawner commented, “I’m a guy and this gave me girly good feels.”

For More Information: waterdrops, “I can’t stop smiling!” Imgur. 18 Nov 2014


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