Buses and Lost Wallets

On 21 November 2014, Redditor getinthecage posted a story about a guy finding her lost wallet on a bus and returning it to her. Here are some other stories:

1) RANDOM-HERO wrote, “I lost my wallet on a bus while transferring, and the next bus I asked for help. He let me on and radioed the dispatcher to radio the bus I was just on.

“The driver found my wallet on the other bus and the buses ended up meeting up and I got my wallet back. It had all my money and bus tickets for the next two weeks; they were the greatest bus drivers ever.”

2) TomasTTEngin wrote, “I was once standing on the side of the road in Italy. I’d been to the beach that morning, it was about 3pm and had just checked out of the hostel I was staying at. I was about to go to the next town. I’m standing there waiting for my friend who’s on this backpacking jaunt with me.

“I’ve been there about a minute.

“A bus pulls up. I pay no attention. The driver is shouting in Italian. I look at him. He’s waving something at me. I look closer. I pat my pockets. He’s holding my wallet.

“Apparently I left it on the bus on the way to the beach that morning. He got it and had kept it with him all day, looking out for me. The moment he saw me he recognised me. All my money and cards were intact.

Grazie, il miglior autista del mondo! [Thank you, the best driver in the world!]”

3) WooVu wrote, “Reminds me, back in the day we were going to a gig. We were the last three on the bus at his last stop, had a good crack [good and fun time] on with the driver and rather than drop us off to wait for a connection the GGBD [Good Guy Bus Driver] drove us across to the far side of the city and dropped us off at the venue. Good times!”

4) beeraholikchik wrote a non-bus story: “My friend’s mom left her purse in a cart at Home Depot. She realized it when she got home and called her cell phone out of desperation. A woman finally answered and waited there until she could drive back to the store to pick it up. Everything was still there and my friend’s mom gave the woman some cash out of appreciation. The world is nice sometimes.”

For Further Information: getinthecage, “After 10 hours of waiting tables, losing your wallet is like losing that entire day of work. I hope this guy knows what a great person he is and I hope that d[*]cknose bus driver knows how much of a d[*]cknose he is.” Reddit. 21 November 2014 <http://tinyurl.com/lcn6vmj>.

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