“What’s the Most Memorable Thing that You have Seen or that has Happened at Your Gym?”

On 22 November 2014, ArabianDisco asked, “Gym Employees of Reddit, what’s the most memorable thing that you have seen or that has happened at your gym?” Here are some replies:

1) Yoinkie2013 wrote, “I’m not a gym employee, but I have a good story for this. For the past three years, I’ve been using the gym in my Condo building. I don’t much like crowds while working out, and our gym has all the necessities of getting in a good workout. A few months into my start, I started noticing this guy start coming into the gym basically on the same schedule as me. I tend to work out late, usually 9ish, so there are only 5-6 other people in our gym at that hour. This other guy, let’s call him Chuck because that’s his name, looked like he was in [his] late 30’s, early 40’s, and quite overweight. First few months I saw him, he would always be on the treadmill. After a while, I started observing some noticeable differences in him; his physique started looking better, his overall mood looked brighter, and he just generally started to look like a better guy. It always cheered me up to see him in there, because seeing dedication in any form is motivation to improve yourself as well.

“After a few more months, however, I stopped seeing him in there. I figured his life schedule changed and he was coming in at a different time. But one day I noticed him in our building elevator, and it looked like he had lost all the gains he had made in the months I had seen him. Now, we never really talked in the gym, we both had headphones on and did our own collective things. But there were always head nods and we always acknowledged each other in some way. I decided to make small talk and said that I hadn’t seen him in the gym in a while. He said that some sh[*]t had come up in his life, and it had thrown him off track and he had lost motivation to care about his health as much. It was only a 15-second elevator ride, so I really couldn’t say anything other than I hoped to see him back in the gym sooner or later.

“I saw him back in the gym maybe a month later, and he tried to do the treadmill and some stretching, but his heart just didn’t seem to be in it. I decided to go over and actually talk to the guy who had been such a source of motivation for me. He told me that he wanted to give the gym another try, and he had been working out once a week if lucky, and felt it was pointless because he had lost all the gains he had made and there was no point in starting over. He kept on having ‘day 1’ and couldn’t find the motivation to build on them. I completely understood what he meant, we have all had bad weeks or months where we stop working out, and it seems pointless to start again. The first days are the worst, because you remember yourself being so much better, and now here you are basically starting at ‘level 1’ all over again.

“I couldn’t really give him any sound advice, and just gave him some cliché lines, hoping it would help him. He thanked me for the talk and we both went our separate ways. Before I left the gym, I took off my headphones and told Chuck, ‘I’ll be in here at 9 tomorrow night. Hope I see you here for day 2.’

“And sure enough, the next day I walked into the gym and saw him — there he was for day 2, with a smile on his face.”

2) Dianaofwhales wrote, “I teach Zumba and hip-hop classes at my gym (free membership, little pay, guaranteed workouts even during busy weeks … great 3-4hr/week part-time work!) and there is a wall of glass panels on one side of the studio I teach in, so other members can see the different classes and join if they want (all are free). One guy who was playing on a rec basketball league walked past on his way to the gymnasium, and apparently liked the booty shaking … because he started rubbing his balls on the window, no effing joke. Now, I have plenty of women who have had to give themselves months of pep talks to set foot in the studio and join a class, let alone one that anyone can look into and watch them within. This did not sit well with me. I put a regular in charge of finishing the song (we were nearly done with the hour as it was), and ran out after him, which he didn’t expect. I tried to stay calm and rational (and did, for the most part), but when he stepped forward and pushed his chest against mine, I flipped my sh[*]t in front of my ladies (who were all glancing out of the window). Luckily there were PLENTY of witnesses to his actions, and the owner threw him out. I … wish I could say I was super brave, but I was shaking like a leaf once he was escorted out, and gladly accepted one of our personal trainer’s offers to walk me to my car once my class was over for the night. Still makes me angry, but as the group leader I can’t just let someone get away with that, even if I’m nanoseconds to getting myself punched.”

She added, “I’m a teacher in real life outside of the gym, and think it’s just part of the job — you protect your students (even if they are adults, and you’re at your part-time job).”

NothingThatIs commented, “Shaking is normal, actually. Your brain told your body you were about to fight due to recent sensory inputs: anger, running, getting shoved. So your body reacted by flooding itself with adrenaline, the aftereffects of which include shaking. My first fight I didn’t stop shaking for 2 hours afterwards.”

Dianaofwhales replied, “When I got home I angry-cried for about 30 seconds, and shook for quite some time, as well. I honestly hope I never have to put myself in that place again, but simultaneously know that if it ever happens again I’ll be running back out there to confront another d-bag.”

Mementomori4 asked whether the d-bag member was permanently banned from the gym.

Dianaofwhales replied, “His membership was yanked, and he was escorted out. It’s a Family-friendly gym/rec facility, so they were especially sensitive about what he did.”

For More Information: ArabianDisco, “Gym Employees of Reddit, what’s the most memorable thing that you have seen or that has happened at your gym?” Reddit. 22 November 2014


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