Top 50 of IMDB’s Highest Rated Japanese-Language Films and Where to Stream

Another Castle

Despite being in the filmmaking business just as long as the West, it’s only been within the last couple decades, with a larger demand for imports and worldwide file sharing and streaming capabilities, that Japanese films have made a large-scale impact on Western moviegoers. Ranking films with more than 10,000 votes, IMDB stacked the highest-rated Japanese films from 1-79. Despite being a relatively short list, some vastly important features have made their way to the top, including Tokyo Story, Ikiru, Departures, and a whole lot of Studio Ghibli films.

We’ve painstakingly looked to find where and if you can stream some of their top rated features (listed in IMDB’s ranking order), checking YouTube, Hulu (US), Netflix (US), Amazon, and several other streaming services. Unfortunately, although we couldn’t find all the films via streaming, Hulu+ (US) alone offers a great deal of features — due in large to their Criterion Collection license. In…

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