“The Woman Could Hardly Believe that She Got to Pick Out Her Own Shoes”

Homeless Shoes

Source: Reditor_in_Chief, “Saw this in my hometown recently.” Imgur. 29 November 2014


On 29 November 2014, Reditor_in_Chief posted on Imgur a Good Guy Greg meme with this heading: “Saw this in my hometown recently.” This is the text of the meme: “SEES HOMELESS MAN WALKING DOWNTOWN WITH NO SHOES ON / ASKS IF HE NEEDS SHOES, TAKES HIS SHOES AND SOCKS OFF, LETS MAN TRY THEM AND KEEP THEM, THEN WALKS BACK TO HIS CAR BAREFOOT, SAYING, ‘THEY DIDN’T FIT ME ANYWAY,’ WHEN THANKED.”

whiskeyjane45 commented, “While my aunt didn’t give away her own shoes, she just happened to have a bag of shoes she had cleaned out of her closet that she was taking down to donate when she saw a woman walking down the street with no shoes on. She let her dig through the bag of shoes and pick some out and said she will never forget how her face lit up like a kid at Christmas. Said the woman could hardly believe that she got to pick out her own shoes. She even asked if she could take another pair for her friend and cried when my aunt explained that she could have as many pairs as she wanted. Makes you appreciate the things you have.”

russiangn commented, “A few years ago I went to a gas station to buy something and when I walked out I noticed a young guy smoking a cigarette. We made eye contact, did the headnod, and he asked me if I wanted a cigarette. I declined, thanked him, and left. As I left, block by block in my car, I couldn’t stop thinking about how it just seemed like he was reaching out to say hello, to tell me a story, anything. I pulled a U-turn, pulled into the gas station, and he was gone. I drove around looking for him and couldn’t find him. I think about it a lot. I got p[*]ssed thinking that I was so shy I declined another person reaching out to me.

“Now, I don’t look back and consider it a mistake. Instead, I view mistakes as learning your lesson, understanding what you did wrong, and then doing it wrong again. If that happened to me today, I think I would react differently. Only time will tell.”

eusebius8806 commented, “I had the opportunity to do this one but chickened out. I must admit that it is one of the biggest regrets I have that I didn’t do it. The guy’s shoes were literally falling apart and were taped together.”

For More Information: Reditor_in_Chief, “Saw this in my hometown recently.” Reddit. 29 November 2014


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