“What is the Nicest Thing You’ve Ever Done that No One Knows About?”

On 8 December 2014, Redditor hairyfedora asked, “What is the nicest thing you’ve ever done that no one knows about?” Here are some replies:

1) GallowBoob wrote, “I once shared the picture of a metal worker in the UK on Reddit. It went viral and got ported to Imgur. I then proceeded to redirect the entire traffic to his webpage/Facebook account, which had about 1,000 likes, and in 24 hours he had over 80,000 likes and was trending on most design/art blogs and Reddit feeder websites. Over the next few days, he ended up finding me to thank me even though what I did was a total indirect act of karma. He told me his metal wire working was a hobby and that with the amount of demand and positive feedback he is getting he decided to quit his job and make his hobby his life.

“He now has an active community and sells a lot of do-it-yourself kits as well as the actual structures on eBay for a few £7-8k. He has a shed in northern England and seems to be rather happy, from the few messages we shared and the feedback from his social media page.”

2) lowbrow_mrpeanut wrote, “When I was doing my undergrad, there was a homeless man who slept on a bench along my route to class. I had a strange schedule so I would often pass him when he was asleep, but I left him a sandwich every time I walked by his bench on my way home. I’m glad he didn’t know it was me. I like to think he looks at every stranger as a possible friend.”

3) [Name censored] wrote, “Me and my friend won a shitload of tickets at the bowling arcade. Something like 2 thousand tickets which is quite a lot there. We didn’t really know what to do with them, so we just handed them to some random five-year-old kid and walked away.

“I feel really good about that for some reason. It isn’t anything major, but he looked happier than anyone I have ever seen before.”

4) ottersbelike wrote, “This kid was messing around with a bouncy ball machine near me while I was in line to be seated at a restaurant. I had a quarter in my pocket and discreetly threw it in front of him. He didn’t realize where the quarter of Heaven came from, made his f[**]king day.”

5) TruthBestowed wrote, “When I got into med-school, I received a lot of gifts (cash) from relatives. I took almost three quarters of it and left an anonymous money order for it in my uncle’s mailbox.

“He’s my father’s brother who, with his wife, basically raised me while my parents struggled to do so when I was younger. When I got older, he had a huge falling out with the rest of our family (including my parents) and he also became unemployed. He was at rock bottom and I felt like it was my duty to help him, and to this day, two years later, he still doesn’t know it was me.”

6) Looterhooter wrote, “In high school, I was asked to be a Girls State representative. I would’ve loved to go. But there was another girl in my class who wanted to go. She hadn’t had many opportunities to do much through high school because of her home life and grades. So, I included a message in my application letter — a synopsis of why this girl should go, and how it would be good for her. She was accepted and had a blast. The only people who know are myself and the people who read my application letter/message.”

7) morenifflers wrote, “I write to my friend’s sister who is in prison. I knew her a little bit before, but she wasn’t really my buddy or anything. I found out nobody in her family was in contact with her and felt bad for her, so now I email her a couple times a week, send her at least one card a month, and have bought her a music player and sh[*]t just so she knows at least someone is thinking about her.”

morenifflers added this about emailing someone in prison: “It’s through a service called Jpay. You have to buy ‘stamps’ for every email you send, but it winds up being cheaper than actual letters.”

Source: hairyfedora, “What is the nicest thing you’ve ever done that no one knows about?” Reddit. 8 December 2014


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