“People Who Went Missing, What Happened?”

On 12 December 2014, Redditor ilovedon asked, “[Serious] People who went missing, what happened?” AskReddit. Here are some responses:

1)  magenta_thompson wrote, “When I was four, I got lost in a city and was rescued by what my dad thought was a gang. We had dinner in Chinatown with another family. Five kids in all. Crossing the street after dinner, we were holding hands in a big chain. My older sibling let go. When the light changed and everyone crossed, I stayed on the sidewalk — I was looking through a window into a barber shop where some huge guy was having his head shaved — I can still picture the scene. When I finally looked around, everyone was gone. I started to cry. A group of teenagers approached and asked if I was lost. I said yes. A tall kid hoisted me into his shoulders and started down the block. Other kids split up and went in different directions. We rounded a corner, and I saw my dad. He turned white and ran toward us. The kid lowered me to the ground. A few other kids were there. They stood around awkwardly while the tall kid explained to my dad what happened. My dad (not a demonstrative guy) flung himself at the kid and hugged him. My mom appeared and picked me up. Years later, my dad told me he saw the same group of kids hanging around when he first parked in the city that evening and was suspicious that they were a gang. He was embarrassed and tried to be less judgmental after that. Wish I could thank those guys. This was a long time ago.”

2) sir_sweatervest wrote, “I was at the zoo with my parents. They were very … opinionated against black people. I was like three at the time so I couldn’t tell but they told me that they were. Anyways, I saw a big slide that swirled around and looked like a snake (we call it the snake slide) and decided that I wanted to go there. My parents were talking next to me so they didn’t notice I left. I got completely lost on the way to the snake slide. When my parents found me, I was with a big black lady who had been walking me all over the park trying to find my parents. They both gave her a giant hug, and it completely changed their views about black people. It’s nice to see false beliefs crushed by kindness”

3) ronglangren wrote, “A few years ago I was working a job in Manhattan. The building I worked in had 11 floors in it. One day after going out for a smoke, I went inside and pushed the button for the elevator. The doors opened and a very young blond girl of about 11 was standing there in tears.

“I asked her what was wrong, but she couldn’t speak English. She seemed to be speaking Polish, but I wasn’t sure. She came out of the elevator crying and just looking at me with so much fear in her face.

“I walked her away from the elevator trying to figure out what was going on. She was wearing high heels and a really short skirt as well as wearing a bunch of make up. All she kept saying was ‘7’ and ‘Uncle.’ I was so confused and had absolutely no idea what to do.

“I worked on the seventh floor, so I took her up to my office in hopes that someone would know her. They did not.

“I ended up taking her to every floor in the building asking people if they knew who she was. No one had a clue. I was losing heart and was getting ready to call the cops. We finally reached the 11th floor, and I learned her uncle had an office there.

“When she saw him, she ran to him screaming and crying. He looked at me like I was a Pedo. I quickly explained what had happened. Turns out her Aunt had dropped her off at the building, gave her the wrong floor number, and then just took off. The poor thing was horrified.”

For More Information: Xenilovedon, “[Serious] People who went missing, what happened?” AskReddit. 12 December 2014


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