Making a Christmas Angel Costume, Part Two

You are amazingly talented!

Angela Clayton's Costumery & Creations

This is going to be a continuation to my last post, where I talked about making a glittery, light up, christmas skirt. Though this may be significantly less interesting because it doesn’t involve lights or glitter. Boo.

I wanted the bodice to be really simple. There is so much going on in the bottom of the dress and I wanted that to be the highlight, my plan for the bodice was something structured with an overlay of gathered tulle.


Step one was drafting it, I didn’t do the most precise job…




 But it worked out just fine, and once removed from my dress form it looked like this.


I ironed all the pieces, then turned it into a paper pattern. When the pattern was done I made a mock up.


It looked pretty good, the only fault was that it was too large! But that was an easy fix, and…

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