“I Love You, Kiddo. You’re the Coolest Dude Here”

“I Love You, Kiddo. You’re the Coolest Dude Here”

On 14 December 2014, while performing at the Barclay’s Center in New York City, a 10-year-old male fan named Sal — who was dressed in a suit and tie — in the audience presented Justin Timberlake with a gift: a bowtie. Mr. Timberland said, “Hey, man, greatest gift ever, because a gentleman can never have too many bow ties. I might have to wear that on Christmas Day.” He added, “I love you, kiddo. You’re the coolest dude here.”

For More Information: Kimberly Yam, “Watch Justin Timberlake Tear Up Onstage After Getting Sweet Gift From A Young Fan.” Huffington Post/ 17 December 2014


For More Information: “Justin Timberlake meets 10 year old ‘Sal’ at Barclays Center.” YouTube. 15 December 2014


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