John Zubrinic: Good Guy Cop

On 2 December 2014, police officer John Zubrinic, who works at Arvada West High School as a school resource officer, responded to a call about a woman who appeared to be very ill on the sidewalk at West 60th Avenue and Ward Road in Arvada, Colorado. The woman, age 31, was terminally ill and had walked over a mile to get her medication, but she had over-exerted herself. Officer Zubrinic drove her home. He discovered that she had very little money left to buy groceries after she had bought her medication, so he used his own money to buy groceries for her. The woman weighed 98 pounds. He also contacted Arvada Police Victim Advocates, which contacted some social service agencies to help the woman: the Arvada Food Bank and the RTD Access-a-Ride program, which will help her with transportation. Officer Zubrinic also asked the woman’s neighbor to check in on her occasionally.

For More Information: Kelly Sommariva, “Officer’s good deed helps terminally ill woman.” KUSA (Denver, Colorado). 16 December 2014

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