“Reddit, What is the Nicest Thing Your Pet has Done for You?”

In 2012, Redditor ZoeAngeline asked, “Reddit, what is the nicest thing your pet has done for you?” She told this story:

“My Labrador puppy, Ace, isn’t allowed upstairs. But one night when it was storming rather violently, my two little sisters couldn’t sleep because they were so afraid (crying, hugging each other, the whole deal). I couldn’t do anything to make them feel better. I was about to give up and get my parents when I heard Ace coming up the stairs to see what all the fuss was about. And mind you, he is not allowed on the second floor and he knows it. When I saw him, I expected him to be scared and whimpering, like he does when I use the blender. Yet he was calm (and perhaps even a bit annoyed). Ace climbed up on the bed and lay down between the girls. And they stopped crying. They curled up with Ace between them, they all fell asleep (well, there were a few minutes of sniffling and cooing at Ace), and I myself enjoyed some Zzzs.

“TL;DR [Too Long; Didn’t Read] Our puppy comforted my baby sisters and got them to sleep during a thunderstorm.”

Here are some other stories:

1) MissMaggie wrote, “Labs are amazing. I’m a rape victim, so his constant vigilance is something I couldn’t live without. With Chase (the ever handsome golden) in my life (as well as my wonderful boyfriend), I am never afraid. That’s the best gift I could ask for. They give a safety combined with everlasting love that is unparalleled. If you don’t have a dog … get one — the shelters are full of amazing pups.”

2) VividLotus wrote, “My dog is pretty much the most defenseless creature in the world, and he seems to know it. Between his missing teeth and his joint and breathing problems, he seems aware that he doesn’t stand a chance in a fight, and his best defense if threatened is to just try and hide. That’s what he does if he feels scared of another animal.

“But if he senses that I’m scared or upset by another person, he’ll stand in front of me and bark at them. In spite of seeming to understand that he’d stand very little chance in any kind of fight, he still wants to try to defend me.”

For More information: ZoeAngeline, “Reddit, what is the nicest thing your pet has done for you?” Reddit. 2012


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