“What’s the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?”

On 11 January 2015, Redditor StrayaaaPlayaaa asked, “What’s the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?” Here are some replies:

1) westernwitch wrote, “It might sound kind of stupid, but one morning during my usual jog on the riverside, an elderly man stopped me and said, ‘Miss, Miss, take this: it’s lucky!’ It was a beautiful four-leaf clover. I had never found one in my whole life. I still have it, pressed inside one of my cookbooks, and will cherish it forever. It is lucky — thank you, kind old man!”

2) Mmbopbopbopbop wrote, “I was mugged in broad daylight (was the only person at a bus stop) and several local guys chased after the bastard who stole my phone. Customers and staff came out of a nearby cafe to help, I was given a hot drink for free to calm me down, a customer let me use their phone to report the theft, contact the phone company, etc. It’s nice to know there are decent people who will take time out of their day to help a stranger in a big city. I contacted the head office of the cafe chain to compliment their staff and to please pass on my thanks.”

3) chyx wrote, “Ran out of gas money driving home for winter break from university one year. I stopped at a random gas station in the middle of nowhere because I was very nearly out of gas to hunt for change. Still 50+ miles from home and I found a grand total of $2 stuck in between the seats. At this point I’m starting to panic, and even though I absolutely HATE asking for help, I decided to ask the next person who pulled into the gas station if they had any change to spare to help me get home. A family pulls up in a station wagon and I asked if they had any change and the father was like, ‘Oh no, honey, I’m so sorry. This should be enough to get you home, I hope?’ And handed me a $50 bill. I started crying and thanking him and then he gave me a giant box of chicken nuggets his kids hadn’t finished from McDonald’s and said he just hopes that if something like that happened to any of his children in the future, that a stranger might do the same for them. That was the first time I’ve ever asked a stranger for help, and it was so touching to be met with such a warm and genuine example of human kindness when I honestly wasn’t expecting much of anything.”

4) sezrawr wrote, “My ex had just dumped me after 3 years together. The next day I was on the bus on my way to uni. I was still very upset.

“A guy got on the bus with a massive bouquet of roses and gave me one. He said that no one should be sad in this world. Cheered me up loads.”

5) punkandbrewster wrote, “I spilled juice on myself while driving to work one morning — I was at a stop light. While trying to wipe it off, I heard a tapping in the window. So great, I think, now I’m going to get mugged or carjacked, but no. Instead, a guy saw what happened, jumped out of his car and gave me a handful of napkins. It’s the nicest stranger interaction I’ve ever had. Thanks, napkin dude!”

Source: StrayaaaPlayaaa, “What’s the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?” 11 January 2015


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