“What’s the craziest story of someone at your company quitting or being fired?”

Here is a story that Redditor The_Year_of_Glad says really happened at the company where The_Year_of_Glad’s dad worked. The boss and a worker got into a heated argument about how to correct a technical problem, and the boss fired the worker. The next morning, the co-worker went to work as usual, surprising everyone. The boss was out of town for a few days. The worker kept working, and when the boss came back a few days later, he asked the worker, “Didn’t I fire you?” The worker did not even look up from his desk but replied, “You can’t fire me — I have too much work to do.” The boss shrugged and walked away, and the worker continued to work at the company.

For More Information: Source: omegasavant, “What’s the craziest story of someone at your company quitting or being fired?” Reddit. 11 January 2015


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