“A Good Samaritan Doesn’t Mean a Boy Scout”

At 4:30 a.m. on 6 June 2014, a man with shoulder-length dreadlocksjust off Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Washington DC saw a blue Toyota Camry park in an alley. The man stopped smoking synthetic marijuana and sipping tequila and went over to the Camry to investigate. He saw a man on top of a woman who screamed, “Help me. Help me. He’s raping me.” The man who was a Good Samaritan opened the car door, pointed a handgun at the man on top of the woman, and yelled, “Get the [expletive] out.” The attacker ran away. In November 2014, a trial culminated with the conviction of the assailant for first-degree sexual assault and kidnapping. The survivor was a 19-year-old Trinity Washington University student who called the Good Samaritan her angel. The testimony of the Good Samaritan, who is also a convicted drug dealer, was valuable in getting the conviction. The Good Samaritan said, “I got nieces, a little sister. I got a mother. That [The attack] ain’t cool.” An article by Keith L. Alexander in the Washington Post about the case did not identify the Good Samaritan, who is afraid that he might be targeted by criminals because he cooperated with law enforcement. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenya Davis told the jury, “A Good Samaritan doesn’t mean a Boy Scout. If it weren’t for that gun, he [the attacker] would have finished what he started.” The Good Samaritan was the only eyewitness of the sexual attack. Kelly Higashi, head of the sex offense and domestic violence unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, said in an interview, “You take your witnesses as they come. He happened to be the one who rescued the woman who was being raped and who thought she was going to be killed. As a witness, he was extremely compelling and honest, plainspoken, straightforward, and not hiding a thing.” After the attacker ran away, the Good Samaritan drove the survivor to her mother’s house. The Good Samaritan hid the loaded gun before police arrived because, he said, “I wasn’t trying to go to jail.” When the attacker’s attorney asked the Good Samaritan why he had hidden the gun, the Good Samaritan replied, “I’m not that much on the good side yet.”

For More Information: Keith L. Alexander, “Testimony of ‘good samaritan’ sways jury in sex assault case.” Washington Post. 22 November 2014


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