Candy Bars and Water

On 9 January 2015, James Fillmore of WSBT (South Bend, Indiana) reported on a Wisconsin family who had been stranded for hours on the Indiana Toll Road because of several crashes that blocked traffic. The Urbans family had no food and were unable to make baby formula for their 4-month-old daughter. Jenesssa Urbans, who was stranded with her husband and infant on the toll road, told him, “I’m worried. I just don’t want her to be hungry. We haven’t eaten since last night at seven o’clock. So, I’m not so much worried about us. I’m worried we’re not going to have enough water for her to eat.” After the interview was over, Mr. Fillmore brought the Urbans family candy bars and water. Jeff Urbans, the father of Jenessa, wrote this post on Facebook thanking Mr. Fillmore for his good deed: “Special thanks to James Fillmore. I am the father of Jenassa Urbans and the grandfather to Fallon. James brought water and food to my daughter and granddaughter who were trapped in the traffic jam on January 10th [actually, 9th]. Your deed did not go unnoticed as we shared your story on Facebook and you are being haled as a hero by many in Wisconsin, our home state. James, you made us realize that there are still caring people in the world and even though we have never met, you will always hold a special spot in our hearts. If you are ever in northern Wisconsin, please look up our business, Northwoods Rest Motel and know you will have a place to stay at no charge. God bless you! Jeff and Beth Urbans.”

For More Information: “Family says thank you to WSBT 22’s James Fillmore after good deed.” WSBT (South Bend, Indiana). 11 January 2015

For More Information: James Fillmore, “Hundreds stranded for hours on the Indiana Toll Road.” WSBT (South Bend, Indiana). 9 January 2015

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