“I Think I’ve Got Your Money”

In December 2014, Paul Riekhof put an envelope containing $1,580 on the top of his car and then he drove away. The money was from the sale of a family car, and he was in a hurry to celebrate his 53rd wedding anniversary. Of course, the envelope fell off the top of the car. It hit the windshield of a car in which were Holli Williams, of Overland Park, Kansas, and her daughter. The money scattered. Mr. Riekhof filed a police report with Prairie Village, Kansas, police, and Ms. Williams also contacted the police department. Mr. Riekhof stated, “She said, ‘I think I’ve got your money.’ I said, ‘Oh, my gosh.’” He got his money back. He said, “Two things it taught me: Never put anything on the top of the car, and secondly, never doubt your wife because she’s always right.”

For More Information: Eli Rosenberg, “Paul Riekhof says he placed envelope on top of his car, drove off.” KMBC (Kansas City, Kansas). 25 December 2014


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