“Growing Up Really Poor Means Realizing in Your Twenties that Mommy was Lying When She Said She Already Ate”

On 14 January 2015, Redditor zoidberg3000 asked, “Ladies who grew up poor, have you been able to adjust? If so, how?” Many ladies, including zoidberg3000, wrote about their mothers.

1) zoidberg3000 wrote, “For instance, I grew up very poor and we had our electricity turned off often; my mum would kind of always make it a fun night with a fire in our fireplace and we pretended to camp. Those nights are some of my greatest memories.

“I also really appreciate my mum and accept her flaws and how f[**]ked up she is because she prostituted herself out to support us. She sacrificed a lot to make sure we were fed and sheltered.

“I find it hard to relate to my SO [Significant Other] sometimes because he grew up in a middle-upper class family. The other day he commented on my store-brand sandwich meat which I was actually really excited to be able to afford.”

VodkaSmizmar commented, “I’m sorry to hear your mother had to do that. She’s a very brave lady and cares a lot about you and your siblings.”

2) Somanynamesleft wrote, “I didn’t know the financial struggles me and my mum had when I was growing up. I’m glad my mum never said anything like ‘We can’t afford that’ ’cause it wasn’t a burden for me to carry at 3-8 years of age.

“I tell this story often, but it’s a story I like to think back to. When I was 5-6, my mum took me to the beach one summer and the sandwiches she made us was our last food at home (which I didn’t know at the time). I’d swim like a maniac and I remember being all wet from the water and lying next to my mum on the beach and saying, ‘Isn’t life wonderful, mom?’

“When I was working in the CPS [Child Protective Services], parents would often say, ‘We don’t have any plans for summer ’cause we don’t have the money to do anything’ and I would think about the little me not having much but my mum doing everything in her power to have me enjoying my life.

“My mother taught me how to [cook] cheap, good food that would last long. I’m very frugal as an adult, which I think is something I learned from my mum.”

3) LyonessNasty wrote, “That thread [a thread on AskReddit] made me cry. Specifically the comment ‘Growing up really poor means realizing in your twenties that mommy was lying when she said she already ate.’”

Source: zoidberg3000, “Ladies who grew up poor, have you been able to adjust? If so, how?” Reddit. 14 January 2015


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