Unified Police Department Officer Cody Miskin: Good Samaritan

In January 2015, while driving on Redwood Road in the city of Taylorsville, Salt Lake City, Utah, Julia Henkel got her first flat tire. She said, “I heard this noise, and I was like, ‘Oh no….’” She pulled over and checked out the situation. She said, “I had a totally flat tire — my first one ever. I’m 50 years old, and it was my first flat tire!” She tried to fix the flat, but she was not able to. She said, “I decided to try and make my way down Redwood Road with my flashers on going about 20 [miles per hour], when all of the sudden, I saw lights on in my rearview mirror, and an officer came to my rescue!” Unified Police Department Officer Cody Miskin fixed her flat tire. He said, “I was just concerned — didn’t want her to get hit by a car or anything like that, wanted to make sure that she was okay and safe.” He added, “You know, to me it just felt like I was doing my job. I love helping people. To me that’s the reward.” Ms. Henkel said, “I have no family here or anybody — no immediate support system, I was truly on my own, and he did not know that … I didn’t tell him any of that, and he went ahead and changed my tire.” Officer Miskin said, I love seeing a smile on people’s faces. I smile a lot myself, and I just like to make people happy, and I’m out here to serve the public …. I just want people to know that most officers are good-hearted and have that act of kindness in them. You just have to find a reason to bring it out.”

For Further Information: Ali Monsen, “Unified police officer caught doing good deed.” GOOD4UTAH.com. 18 January 2015


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