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Alanah Pierce: Fighting Online Sexual Harassment by Contacting Mothers

Source: “Sometimes young boys on Facebook send me rape threats, so I’ve started telling their mothers.” Huffington Post. 6 December 2014 http://tinyurl.com/orfwhlu Source:  Alanah Pearce, “Again, nobody is suing me. That ‘story’ was posted on a joke website and others assumed … Continue reading

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DefinitelyNotChrisHansen: “Time capsule”

Source: DefinitelyNotChrisHansen, “Time capsule.” Imgur. 23 January 2015 http://imgur.com/gallery/uqpgwHx Download free eBooks, including books for teachers, by David Bruce here: https://davidbruceblog.wordpress.com/about-the-blogger/ Romance Books by Brenda Kennedy (Some Free) https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/smoothie2003 Free PDF book: Honey Badger Goes to Hell — and Heaven … Continue reading

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Robot Soccer Goes Big Time (YouTube)

Robot Soccer Goes Big Time (YouTube) As the Euro 2012 and this year’s RoboCup unfold, we imagine what soccer played by robots might be like if one of the world’s most excitable announcing pairs, Ray Hudson and Phil Schoen, called … Continue reading

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