“I’m an Honest Man Trying to Earn Honest Money. Even Tomorrow if I Find a Bag with Dhs5 Million, I’d Still Return It”

In December 2014, Sharjah cabbie Mubien Al Haq, who for 27 years has driven in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), found a bag containing Dhs100,000 in the back of his taxi in United Arab Emirates. He handed over the money to Sharjah Police; an Iraqi man had left the money behind. “Dh” is the abbreviation for UAE Dirham. In US dollars, Dhs100,000 is $272,245. Mr. Al Haq received a certificate of appreciation from Sharjah Police and the Consulate of Pakistan in Dubai. Mr. Al Haq said, “I’m an honest man trying to earn honest money. Even tomorrow if I find a bag with Dhs5 million, I’d still return it.” Dubai-based salesman Hassan Baig thought that Mr. Al Haq deserved more than a certificate. Mr. Baig said, “When I read about the driver, I was very touched. It shows that there are still honest and hard-working people. I wanted to give him a gift that can actually help him in some way because he only received a certificate from the authorities.” He added, “Instead of spending our money on useless partying, I thought it would be great to reward his act of kindness.” So he launched a fundraiser for Mr. Al Haq. It raised Dhs1,500, to which Mr. Baig added Dhs500 of his own money. Dhs2,000 is $545 in US dollars. What did Mr. Al Haq do with the money? He said, “I come from a small village in Peshawar [in Pakistan] and for me and my family Dhs2,000 is a lot. I sent all of it to my family and they used it to pay for their school fees. My children were very happy they could continue school without any problems getting in the way. It has happened many times that I couldn’t pay for my children on time — but not this time.”

For Further Information: “Good deed pays off for UAE taxi driver who returns Dhs100,000 cash to expat.” 7DAYSinDubai. 25 January 2015


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