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Starviing Artist

Source: k8devin, “Coming to this realization is unbearably depressing.” Imgur. 8 February 2015

ThePeoplesBard commented:

“Hey, I’ve spent my whole life not having the courage to do what you did and regretting it. I know you’re in pain right now, but I don’t think you’d feel much better if you’d never tried.

“Not being a full-time artist isn’t ideal for me either, but I’ve slowly found a way to have art in my life. Find a career that you like (you may never find one you love outside of art, but like should be possible) and be the best d[*]mn artist you can be with every ounce of your free time. Who knows, you might find that you love art more than ever because now it’s not tied to the pressures of money and fame. It can just be something you do for fun. And it’ll feel extra amazing as an escape from whatever your daily grind is. Don’t see this as ‘giving up’; you are just changing how you devote your time and energy to your passion. It’ll be more compressed now, and sometimes there’s magic in that. Short deadlines and being frantic pushes your mind to do unusual things. See this as an artistic reboot not a shutdown. You’re getting a new f[**]king OS. The only thing that’d be more sad than not making it work over 34 years would be totally throwing away the skills you cultivated over that time. Find a way to keep them growing and a part of your life.”

Source: k8devin, “Coming to this realization is unbearably depressing.” Comments. Reddit. 8 February 2015

Janitor Who Paints

Above: ‪The Janitor Who Paints”, ca. 1930 Palmer Hayden, oil on canvas, 39 1/8 x 32 7/8 in. (99.3 x 83.6 cm.), Smithsonian American Art Museum.

The time on the clock shows that the janitor hurried to his apartment as quickly as possible after work so that he could begin painting.

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