Breaking News! Hannah Delmonte Gets a Date to the Prom!


In February 2015, Hannah Delmonte needed a date to the prom, so she asked a guy to let her take him to prom: Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho. She contacted him through Instagram and tried to get him to agree to go to prom with her if she got 2,000 retweets of her conversation with him. Mr. Acho is not that easy of a date to get; he held out for 10,000 retweets. Actually, she got that number easily. Mr. Acho said, “All it took was for me to go to dinner, get up from dinner, 3 hours go by and she’s at 9,983. At that point in time, I knew I would be going to prom.” Mr. Acho even surprised her with a visit to her school, Woodgrove High School in Purceville, Virginia, on Friday to tell her in person that they would be going to the prom together. He gave her an Eagles jersey adorned with the number 15 (his number is 51) and the word “PROM” written across the back in place of a name. When she saw him, she cried. Later, on Twitter, she wrote, “I used to laugh at people who would cry when they met famous people … and then today happened.” Mr. Acho said, “It was awesome because you get to see raw emotion. It’s hard in life because we’re always trying to cover up our raw emotions, but for three seconds you saw her raw emotion. When I saw that, it really touched my heart.” He added, “It means so much just to see the support [of fans]. When I saw her cry, that’s when it really hit me to how big a deal this all was because I just consider myself a regular guy. When you see the effect you have on fans, it’s such a powerful feeling.” Ms. Delmonte’s father researched Mr. Acho before the Delmontes met him; he learned about Mr. Acho’s charity work in Africa. Mr. Acho said, “We shook hands and he instantly handed me a check.” The charity work is a family project. He said, “Every offseason, my brother [Samuel Onyedikachi Acho, linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League], my parents and my family, we go to Nigeria with about 40 doctors and nurses and we just do free medical care in a rural village in Africa where my parents were born.” In 2014, they saw an estimated 2,500 patients and performed an estimated $1.28 million in medical care — free of charge. On Twitter, Hannah Delmonte wrote, “I am so honored to be taking such a tremendous person to prom. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done.”

For More Information: Ray Boyd, “Emmanuel Acho Makes Trip To Prom With Lucky Fan Official.” CBS Philly (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). 20 February 2015

For More Information: brainpower, “He delivered.” Imgur. 23 February 2015

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