Use a Colon to Direct Attention to an Appositive

An appositive renames something.

According to Brad Pitt, his children are “the funniest people I’ve ever met.” For example, in 2008 his daughter Shiloh went through a phase where she wanted to be called by another name: John or Peter. Mr. Pitt calls it “a Peter Pan thing” where whenever he starts to call her by her real name she responds, “I’m John.” Of course, Mr. Pitt is right when he says that this stuff is “cute to parents” and he is wrong when he says that this stuff is “probably really obnoxious to other people.” It’s actually pretty cute to other people.

Adrienne Janic, host of the car show Overhaulin’ on TLC, attended the 2008 Christian Oscars: the Movieguide awards. She wore a dress with slits up the sides, and when she sat down, she used two napkins so that she would have enough material to cover up the top of the slits. Even so, one of the Christians present warned her about the evils of wearing such a dress. Ms. Janic replied, “Oh, I’ve got a mansion in hell.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has exhibited a lot of drive in his life. One person who taught him to accomplish much was Franz Steeger, a boy in Arnold’s village who held the record for chinning himself on a tree limb: 21 chin-ups. The 14-year-old Arnold tried chinning himself, and he did 18 chin-ups, but Franz told him, “You do the rest with your mind.” Franz gave him a pep talk, and Arnold tried again. He did 18 chin-ups, then he did a difficult 19th chin-up, and then Franz reminded him, “You do the rest with your mind.” Arnold kept going, and he broke the record with 22 chin-ups.

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