Use a Colon to Direct Attention to a List

While Michael Kidd was choreographing the movie Guys and Dolls, Samuel Goldwyn wanted to take him out for a meal, so he asked him if he liked Jewish food. Mr. Kidd did, so Mr. Goldwyn took him to Lindy’s, raving on the way about Lindy’s delicious Jewish food: gefilte fish, kishke, kneidlach, kugel, lockshen, and so on. Arriving at Lindy’s, Mr. Goldwyn asked the waiter what the special was. The waiter replied, “Irish stew,” and Mr. Goldwyn said, “That’s what we’ll have.”

In the winter of 1995, the weather was so cold that over four inches of ice formed on a small lake in Indiana, making it safe to walk on. However, a few warm days in February melted some of the ice, making it dangerous to walk on. Unfortunately, 12-year-old Josh Mitchell didn’t realize that, and he decided to take a short cut to a friend’s house by walking across the semi-frozen lake. He fell through the ice, and a dog named Levi, the pet of Denise and George Hammond, saw him and started whining. George heard the whining, investigated, and saw Josh floundering in the icy water. He ordered, “Levi, fetch!” Levi ran out onto the lake, jumped into the water, and allowed Josh to hold on to him. Meanwhile, George and Denise brought Levi’s 20-foot leash out to the lake and tried to throw it to Josh, but the leash was too short. Because she didn’t know how long Levi could keep Josh afloat, Denise went out on the ice, knowing that although she weighed less than her husband, she would probably fall through the ice. In fact, she did fall through the ice four feet away from Josh. She kept breaking the ice until she could reach Josh, then she kept him afloat. George called Levi, and Levi came out of the water. Two neighbors brought an extension ladder out to the lake and pushed it to where Denise and Josh were. Denise pushed Josh up on the ladder and then climbed up on the ladder herself. The ladder distributed their weight across a large area of the ice so that they didn’t fall through, and they reached the shore. Denise fainted when she reached the shore, but paramedics took care of her and Josh and took them to the hospital, where they quickly recovered from their ordeal. Of course, Josh and his parents were grateful to Levi and the Hammonds, and they sent them gifts: bones for Levi, a big bouquet of flowers for Denise, and a gift certificate to be used at a pet store.

Ernie Banks was the first African-American athlete to play for the Chicago Cubs, and he worried about how the veteran Cubs would treat an African-American rookie. He needn’t have worried. When he walked into the Cubs for the first time, three players were there: home-run hitter Hank Sauer and infielders Randy Jackson and Bill Serena. All three players shook Mr. Banks’ hand and welcomed him to the Cubs. The same thing happened when he met home-run hitter Ralph Kiner. During batting practice, Mr. Banks had no bats of his own, so he asked Mr. Kiner if he could use one of his bats. Mr. Kiner had no objections. Mr. Banks hit the first pitch thrown to him into the left-field bleachers, and the Cubs were silent for a moment, then Mr. Kiner yelled to Mr. Banks, “Hey, Banks! You can use all my bats if you promise to keep on hitting like that!”

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