Use Commas to Separate the Items in a Series of Three or More

If you are really famous, it’s hard to avoid the paparazzi. For a while, celebrity photographers were after all the photographs of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie that they could get. (Actually, they are still are.) And for a while, Ms. Aniston wore the same outfit over and over, hoping that media editors would think that newly taken photographs were actually old, leftover photographs. According to celebrity photographer Gary Sun, that trick will no longer work. He says that these days the media will “use the pictures, [and] they’ll talk smack about you for wearing the same clothes over and over.”

Werner Herzog, the director of Fitzcarraldo, The Enigma of Caspar Hauser, and Aguirre, the Wrath of God, has advice on how to become a successful filmmaker: “Work as a bouncer in a sex club, work as a taxi driver, work as a butcher—earn the money and make your own film.” Perhaps his most important advice is to make a film instead of making excuses for why you can’t make a film. He says, “Today, with these little digital cameras, there is no excuse any more.” Mr. Herzog himself stole his first camera and used it to make 11 films. He says about the camera, “It fulfilled its real destiny.”

When Groucho Marx, star of such movies as Horsefeathers with his famous brothers, was a young man in vaudeville, he once worked at an Atlantic City theater whose manager also ran a boarding house on the waterfront where entertainers stayed. This manager was a man who knew how to save a dollar. Every meal featured fish because outside Groucho’s window, the theater manager kept a huge fishing net into which Groucho’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner swam. Perhaps unnecessarily, Groucho says that after his engagement at the Atlantic City theater was over, for an entire week he ate nothing but roast beef.

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