Use a Dash or Dashes for an Abrupt Break in the Flow of a Sentence or Dialogue

Dashes are also used for emphasis.

In a 2002 interview for Esquire, Cameron Diaz spoke about a notable practical joke that she played on unsuspecting guests at her home. She has a device that emits fart noises, and whenever a guest sits on a certain cushion located directly over the device, she uses a remote control to activate the device. Ms. Diaz says, “It’s the best. It’s like drugs. The first time you do it to somebody who’s not expecting it—man, it’s just the greatest high!” Unfortunately, the joke does have a drawback: “But you can never get away with it twice, so you have to move on to the next person.”

In New York City, comedian Bob Smith worked as a cater-waiter for a woman who introduced her dogs to him by saying, “This is Picasso, and this is Gorkythe painter, not the writer.

Being a gorilla imitator can be a harrowing occupation, as during the filming of the Marx Brothers’ A Day at the Circus an actor portraying the gorilla fainted twice because the owner of the gorilla skin refused to allow ventilation holes to be pierced in it because it was so valuable. However, one day the owner of the gorilla skin noticed something strange—the actor had been inside the gorilla skin for three hours and hadn’t fainted yet (normally, anyone wearing the gorilla skin fainted after two hours). Investigating, he discovered that the actor had taken an icepick and made several unauthorized ventilation holes in the skin.

What are the anti-aging secrets of top movie stars? How is an aging movie star able to act credibly in an action movie? Of course, diet and exercise help, although tricks can help, too. For example, wrinkles in close-ups can be eliminated through technology after the film has been shot. In addition, hemorrhoid cream can work well for short periods of time, according to award-winning make-up artist Daniel Phillips. An aging star can put hemorrhoid cream on the bags under his eyes, and for a couple of hours the skin will tighten—long enough to shoot some close-ups.

When Ingrid Bergman arrived in Hollywood her first time, she sent fellow Swedish actress Greta Garbo—who desired privacy—some flowers and an invitation to have dinner and spend time together. Ms. Garbo accepted the invitation by telegram—three months later, when Ms. Bergman was leaving Hollywood. Ms. Bergman told George Cukor about Ms. Garbo’s odd behavior. Mr. Cukor was friendly with Ms. Garbo, and he told Ms. Bergman, “Of course, Greta wouldn’t have sent the telegram unless she was sure you were leaving.”

Berenice Abbot wanted to go to the Bowery to take a few photographs, but a supervisor tried to stop her from going by telling her that nice girls did not go to the Bowery. She replied that she was a photographer—not a nice girl.

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