Customer Service is for Real at Disney

On 23 March 2015, Reddit boojie_ asked, “Those who have worked at Disney world, what behind-the-scene stories do you have that the public doesn’t see?” Here are some replies:

1) Shaysdays wrote, “I was in Disney World with my son and he had one of the lanyards with pins. He really, really wanted a Pete pin for some reason. ([Pete is the] bad guy in Goofy stuff.) They didn’t make Pete pins anymore, though. So he asked a staff member who was letting people on rides, and they said they would check around. When we got off the ride, another employee came over to us and said we could find someone trading rare pins at a nearby location — that guy had a Pete pin and traded it for another pin plus my son’s best Pete imitation. Because they were both fans.

“In the grand scheme of things, this was honestly stupid to do a park-wide search for, but damned if they didn’t do it.

I was impressed as hell. This wasn’t a kid with any real problem or dealing with hardship, it was just a regular kid who wanted a pin of someone no one thinks of as a hero or even a major villain.

“Thanks, Pete guy and accomplices. It wouldn’t have been the same if you hadn’t asked for the impression. That pin is now sitting on my son’s trophy shelf next to his karate awards, the perfect conch shell he found, perfect attendance certificate, a rock that looks like a manatee, and an award he got for a choral group he was in.”

2) Firestorm1820 wrote, “Not an employee, but I have an interesting story about Disney. When I was seven, I went to Disney World. The third night we were there, I rolled out of my bed and cut my forehead on the nightstand. My mom came over to comfort me, not knowing I was bleeding quite profusely. She turned the light on when I wouldn’t stop crying; she said it ‘looked like a murder had taken place.’ Paramedics were called and the room was swarming with what I can only assume were Disney employees. After I was evaluated and patched up, I was taken to the gift shop around 2 AM with my mom and an employee. I got to choose three toys at no cost to my family. It was pretty incredible to be in the completely abandoned gift shop and being told I could have anything. When we returned back to the room 25 minutes later, all the blood was cleaned up, guardrails were put on my bed, and a large basket of candy and other sweets were left on a table. Disney doesn’t play around with customer service.”

3) Dolly_Black_Lamb wrote, “My customer service story isn’t as gruesome, but last time I went to Disney I was around seven years old and brought my favorite stuffed animal, a lamb named Lamby. We went out to the pool and when we got back, housekeeping had perched Lamby on the edge of the bed, made more lambs out of towels, and turned on the television to some older Disney cartoon featuring sheep. It was the most unexpected and magical thing, and I didn’t even have to break my head open. Customer service is for real at Disney.”

Source: boojie_, “Those who have worked at Disney world, what behind-the-scene stories do you have that the public doesn’t see?” Reddit. 23 March 2015

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