Use Quotation Marks for Dialogue and Quotations

When you quote word for word what a person says, enclose that person’s words in quotation marks.

In 2008, Charlize Theron, 32 years old and an Oscar-winner as Best Actress in the movie Monster, and AnnaSophia Robb, 14 years old and the lead actress in the kids’ movie Because of Winn-Dixie, starred together in the movie Sleepwalking. Normally, actors will study each other’s work before acting together; however, Ms. Robb had seen very few movies starring Ms. Theron. Why? She explains, My parents won’t let me see them, especially Monster.” Of course, winning an Oscar for Monster was very satisfying for Ms. Theron, especially because it was so hard to get the movie made and to find distribution for it. Ms. Theron says, There wasn’t one person in this industry who wanted that film made. We had our financiers calling us at 3 a.m. and asking us what the hell we were doing. They didn’t like the way I looked [the beautiful Ms. Theron put on weight for the movie and looked ugly], and they wondered who would want to see this movie. When we finished, we couldn’t pay a distributor to take it. We were hours away from signing a straight-to-video deal with Blockbuster when we found a distributor. For that reason alone, the Oscar was especially sweet.”

Jack Lemmon’s first big movie was It Should Happen to You, starring Judy Holliday and directed by George Cukor. Jack was an enthusiastic actor, and Mr. Cukor kept telling him to act less. Eventually, Jack became upset and yelled, “If I do it any less, I won’t be acting!” Mr. Cukor replied, “Exactly.”

Movie critic Gene Siskel once took his young daughters, Kate and Callie, to an animated film for children. Unfortunately, the movie was not very good. After the movie, he asked them their opinion of it. One of his daughters said, “I didn’t like it, daddy.” Mr. Siskel replied, “Honey, you’ve just made me the proudest pop in the world.”

Ali Liebegott is not a fan of poverty. She says, I don’t really believe in the myth of being poor but happy. At the poorest times in my life I wasn’t happy. I was just hungry. And the poorest times in my life can’t even compare to the poorest times of most people in the world.” Still, people romanticize poverty, sometimes with good reason. She remembers when her parents were arguing over cooking utensils, with her father wanting a special bowl. Her mother told her, “Your father doesn’t remember the days we were so poor we were making dinner in the coffeepot because we didn’t have a pan to cook in.” Ali says, “I love to imagine my parents as newlyweds, all jacked up on new love cooking dinner in the coffeepot.”

In 1952, the Oklahoma Sooners had a wonderful football team, but way too many fumbles, especially in the first half, led to a loss against Notre Dame, although the Sooners were favored to win. At halftime, an Oklahoma drum major threw a baton high in the air, but missed catching it when it came down, and it tumbled crazily on the ground. A fan told Oklahoma coach Bud Wilkinson, “I see you coach the band, too.”

Django is a dog that dog trainer Liz Teal rescued from an ASPCA adoption van, and then taught to work with developmentally disabled and/or mentally challenged children. Ms. Teal has learned to trust Django. While they were visiting some developmentally challenged children, Ms. Teal announced that she would allow every child to brush Django, When she thought that every child had brushed Django, she said, “Django, let’s go!” But Django didn’t go to her. Instead, he went to one remaining child who hadn’t yet had a chance to brush him. Now, Ms. Teal asks Django if they are done instead of saying, “Let’s go.”

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