“I was Very, Very, Very, Lucky. If He Wouldn’t have been Able to Break That Glass, I Would have Died. He Saved My Life Today. I Owe Him Eternal Gratitude”

On 16 March 2015, Larry Coulter was driving a dump truck full of stone when a balloon tire burst on I-90 near Exit 50 for Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga, New York, and he collided with a guardrail that punctured the truck’s gas tank. The truck turned on its side, flames spread rapidly, and Mr. Coulter, hampered by heat and smoke inhalation, needed to kick out the windshield in order to survive. “The tires were bursting all around me,” Mr. Coulter said. “I just kept thinking it was the end.” Fortunately, a car stopped, and Ed Brunner, carrying a metal bar, approached the truck, but the heat drove him back. Mr. Brunner then picked up heavy rocks and threw them at the windshield, cracking it enough that Mr. Coulter was able to kick it out. “I was very, very, very, lucky,” Mr. Coulter said. “If he wouldn’t have been able to break that glass, I would have died. He saved my life today. I owe him eternal gratitude.” He added, “That guy should have been a professional football player or something. That truck was engulfed in flames; it was just unbelievable.” Mr. Brunner said, “I did it because I saw another man who needed my help. God put me there for a reason. Thankfully I was able to break the window.” Mr. Coulter said, “He was my guardian angel that day. Of that I have no doubt.” Mr. Coulter was treated for smoke inhalation at Erie County Medical Center. He said, “You can’t tell when something like that is going to happen.”

For More Information: Mark Belcher, “Daring rescue saves driver of burning truck.” WIVB (Buffalo, New York). 16 March 2015; updated 26 March 2015


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