Good Guy Greg: Body Donation

Body Donation

Source: studiopzp, “It’s been a 17-year struggle. I’ll miss you, Dad.” Imgur. 30 March 2015

On 30 March 2015, Redditor studiopzp posted a Good Guy Greg meme on Imgur with this heading: “It’s been a 17-year struggle. I’ll miss you, Dad.” This is the text of the meme: “DIES OF COMPLICATIONS FROM PARKINSON’S DISEASE / DONATES BODY TO PARKINSON’S RESEARCH.” Here are some comments made by Redditors:

1) Camiliavilla wrote, “I’m a perfectly healthy mid-twenties female. I’ve made it abundantly clear that I want my body donated to science. Even if that means my head is cut off and sent to the plastic surgeon ward, where all they’ll probably be doing is boob jobs — you never know if the surgeon who conducted a rhinoplasty on me will one day need to fix a young child’s nose or reconstruct a soldier’s face.

“Tl;dr: give my organs to some kids and my body to science.”

2) iwanbttostealurpuppy wrote, “I’m a medical student currently and have been in other gross labs before and from a student’s perspective, the gift of donating your body to science is so amazing. We treat our cadavers with the utmost respect, and I daily think about how much I learn from them. Yes, your body will be mangled by the end and poked and prodded by unskilled med students (if that’s where it ends up), but it’s not serving much purpose lying in the ground in a couple thousand dollars worth of wood and metal just decomposing.

“I’m all about donating for science.”

3) guyNcognito wrote, “A dead body being poked and prodded by future doctors in order to advance their training saves a live body [from] having to experience the same.

“I won’t be using my body once I leave. Poke it. Prod it. I trust that you’ll pay attention when you do. There will be a live guy on your table eventually, and I’d like to think you’ll make your mistakes on me so that he’ll be OK.”

4) SpecialMcSpecialton wrote, “Your dad was a generous man, and your family’s strength is an inspiration. Your father’s gift is also a gift from your entire family to those who suffer with this. My condolences on your loss, and I’m so sorry he had to go through what he did, and that your family has lost such a wonderful man. And my thanks to him for his gift to those who may be saved from his suffering in the future.”

For More Information: studiopzp, “It’s been a 17-year struggle. I’ll miss you, Dad.” Reddit. 30 March 2015

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