Above & Beyond: Denver, Colorado, Police Department Officer Troy Smith & Officer Ryan Vogel

Here is a 22 March 2015 post from the Denver (Colorado) Police Department Facebook page:


“Late Friday night, March 13, 2015, Denver Police — District 6 Officer Troy Smith and Officer Ryan Vogel responded to the 400 block of W. Colfax Avenue on a welfare check. When they arrived on scene, they met a man who was with his wife and 6-year-old daughter. The man explained that he was going through a hard time, and couldn’t make it in Denver. He explained that the following day, he was planning to return to a neighboring city, but did not have anywhere to stay for the night. Not being from Denver, the family did not qualify for a hotel voucher. Not wanting the child to be left on the streets, the officers took them to a nearby hotel to see if they could get them a room. The hotel staff explained that they could not provide a room for free, so the officers paid for the room with their own money.

“The generosity of these officers ensured the family had a safe, warm place to stay their last night in our city.”

On the Facebook page, a few people wrote comments recounting good deeds by police officers:

‪1) Pam F Black wrote, “I received an emergency phone call in the middle of the night about my mom [who] was 2 hrs away [and] started headed down 1-95 [and] got to a town 40 min from hospital […] I was on empty, stopped at a gas/restaurant to try to find help [but] everyone just stared at me, I was crying but a police officer pulled my car up to a gas tank and put 20.00 of gas in my car…. I will never forget his kindness, my mom died 5 days later […].”

‪2) Sara Correll wrote, “I live in the small town of Wabash, IN. A couple of years ago there was a young man traveling through our town with his dog. They were homeless and trying to get to some family out west. I was unaware of the fund that local police have for emergency lodging, but someone I spoke to told me to contact them on his behalf. I did and an officer came and told us that the man could stay one night at a local hotel. We loaded the young man, his dog, and some food we got them in our van and followed the officer to the hotel. When we went to register him, we were told the dog could stay for an additional fee. Having just spent the last of my cash loading him up with supplies, I wasn’t sure how we would pull that off. But the officer said not to worry about it and pulled cash out of his wallet and paid the fee. That young man was so grateful for a warm place to sleep, knowing his dog was safe with him. I will never forget that officer’s generosity.”

‪3) Brian El Patrón Jeter wrote, “About 2 years ago my grandpa was going crazy because he didn’t have his nerve medicine and was coming down from it and we called the police and they came and she [asked] us what was wrong with him and we told them and they went up to the pharmacy and paid for my grandpa’s medicine, almost $100. They helped us out big time because at the time we had no money. So grateful for those God-sent police officers.”

Source: Denver (Colorado) Police Department, “ABOVE & BEYOND: OFC. SMITH & OFC. RYAN.” Facebook. 22 March 2015


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