Problem-Solving 101


Problem-Solving: Job Applicants

You receive an excellent and well-written job-application letter from a student, whom you hire for an internship, but you then discover that the student cannot write well. Apparently, the student had lots of help writing the job-application letter (and resume). What can you do to ensure that the next student whom you hire for an internship can write well?

Problem-Solving: Escort Service

A grandmother was frequently awakened late at night and early in the morning by drunken men asking for an escort. She investigated and discovered that an escort service had opened up in town, and its telephone number was very similar to her telephone number. The drunken men were misdialing the escort-service number and calling her instead. She called the escort service and asked it to change its number, but the escort service declined to do that. What can the grandmother do to solve the problem of drunken men calling her late at night and early in the morning?

Problem-Solving: Strapless Gowns

When Jerry Spinelli, author of the Newbery Medal-winning Maniac Magee, made plans to attend his ninth-grade prom, the girls were angry because they were not allowed to wear strapless gowns. They held a meeting with the principal, but they were still not allowed to wear strapless gowns. What can the girls do to wear strapless gowns at the prom even though the authorities say that they aren’t allowed to?


Problem-Solving: Job Applicants


Sit the student in front of a computer and have the student write a memo or a business letter. This will let you know whether the student can write well.

Problem-Solving: Escort Service


Every time the grandmother received a telephone from a man asking for an escort, she told the man, “I’m sorry, sir, but we have gone out of business.” Very quickly, the escort service changed its telephone number.

Problem-Solving: Strapless Gowns


Each girl carried a pair of scissors in her purse. During the prom, each girl disappeared into the girls’ bathroom and reappeared without straps. Because so many girls did this, the authorities were unable to do anything about it.

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