Neil Robson: Food Bank Good Samaritan

As of early May 2015, Neil Robson, a retired human resources manager in his 60s, has been making a weekly donation for the past year to the Wandsworth food bank in south London, England. He spends approximately £20 and then drops his purchases off at the food bank. Before shopping, he goes to the food bank’s website to find what is most needed, and he concentrates on buying those items. Why does he do this? He said, “Anger. How can it be that there should be people so stretched for cash that they can’t get the money they need for food? I am not a churchgoer; I do this in a secular capacity. My motto, like a Victorian embroidered sampler, is: ‘My neighbour must not go hungry.’” He added, “I’ve been reading about people who, through no fault of their own, are not getting the money they need. I am affronted — shocked that in this wonderful country, people are stuck in a situation where they truly don’t have enough money to eat for the next couple of days.”

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Source: Amelia Gentleman, “Food banks: ‘Most people at the school gates have used them.’” Guardian. 1 May 2015

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