“What’s the Smallest Purchase That’s Given You the Most Joy?”

Lordperiwinkle wrote this in answer to the above question: “Story time. Many years ago, when I was in my twenties I was on a scenic drive in Colorado with my then BF (super nice guy, lotsa fun). It was a snowy winter day, and we were on back roads in the mountains. There were a few scattered homes. At the end of one long drive, two little girls, both in thick purple coats, were standing by a card table filled with small stones, paintings, and crayon sketches by them, and a few odds and ends… all for sale, with quite reasonable prices. We stopped and those kids were so full of life, and so wonderful. I think we were probably the only people who stopped by. It was snowing pretty hard, after all. I picked out a few rocks, two seashells, a watercolor of a rainbow with clouds, and a teeny purple cloth talisman bag of purple fabric. I asked them if five dollars for each sister would be fair, and their eyes got so big and they nodded yes. I collected my loot, thanked them, and we drove on. When I looked back, I could see them hugging each other and jumping up and down in delight. I still have the bag and the shells, and the painting is on my wall. It was a moment of perfect joy in my life, and a perfect image in my mind’s eye: those girls with their red hair and purple coats against the snow and mountains.”

Jaresis commented, “This makes me happy. My 9-year-old daughter, who was diagnosed with dyslexia and anxiety related to it, set up a lemonade stand the other day. We figured it would help build her confidence and she might make a few dollars. She priced it at .25 cents a cup, but people kept giving her dollars. She ended up with around $40 and the biggest smile ever, thanks to kind people like you.”

Source: EnemaOfTheProstate, “What’s the smallest purchase that’s given you the most joy?” Reddit. 6 July 2015


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