Taylor Swift Supports Good Grammar, But Not Senseless Negativity

Taylor Deed Swift

In May 2015, Taylor Swift fan godgirlwhoshopeful received an anonymous message on Tumblr from a troll who criticized her fan feelings about Taylor Swift:

“Why do you seem to think Taylor Swift loves you? She doesn’t love you. You don’t know her. Would you stop posting like she knows you or is actually reading it already, because she’s not. It’s probably not even her using her tumblr. So, please stop. Also, everyone seems to think you’re pretty, don’t they? well, I think you think you are with all your selfies. Your not.”

Goodgirlwhoshopeful replied, “why do people do this? 😦 Yes, she does [write posts on Tumblr]. I have no proof, I know that, but I have to believe she does. She’s been such an important part of my life for 9 years… 

“I mean, I know I’m just silly little me, but… she has to. 

“P.S. You mean *you’re”

Yes, Taylor Swift really does write posts on Tumblr. For example, she wrote this reply to the post about the anonymous troll: “Trying to figure out if I’m more offended by the senseless negativity or the fact that he/she/it used the wrong form of ‘you’re.’ I doubt we will get apologies for either crime. We must now forget about this and keep grooving/using correct grammar.”

That final sentence is good advice.

Goodgirlwhoshopeful replied, “This made everything in the world right again. Thank you, Taylor.

“And yes, shameless misuse of your. Be ashamed, Anon.”

For More Information:

Cavan Sieczkowski, “Taylor Swift Calls Out Tumblr Troll For Negativity And Bad Grammar.” Huffington Post. 17 July 2015


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