“What is the Biggest Good Deed You have Done for a Complete Stranger?”

Here are some lightly edited answers:

1) ruey-soho wrote, “When I was moving from MN [Minnesota] to WA [Washington], I was getting rid of most of my stuff, since I was moving into a small apartment from a house. I’m talking loads of silverware, furniture, bedding, etc.

“I had put one of my chairs out by the trash because it was all torn up. Then I put all the rest of my stuff into a van and we were driving it to Savers (kinda like Goodwill)…

“Going down the road, we saw a woman and a little girl carrying the chair that I had thrown out. There was a matching chair in the van, so we stopped and asked them if they wanted the matching chair.

“With a little conversation, we found out that the woman, her brother, and her daughter had pooled all their money together to buy a house up the street for cash ($40,000). It was not in good shape… and they had spent all their money on it, so they didn’t have anything to put in it. No chairs or anything.

“I asked where they lived, and we drove the van there and gave them everything in the van. They were so thankful.”

2) thumper5, a female, wrote, “Towards the end of my last finals week of college, I’d just gotten out of one of my last tests and was walking to the bus stop when I noticed someone wandering around, seemingly aimlessly, in the middle of a busy four-way intersection. I was exhausted and thought, ‘Wow, what a moron,’ before I realized he had a walking cane. He was blind.

“I looked around for a minute at all the other students around me, and they were all giving him weird looks and going about their day. The cars just drove around him. I got pissed.

“I ran into the intersection where he was and asked him if he was all right, which is when he started sobbing. He had no idea where he was because he’d never been to that part of campus before. Linking my arm around his, I led him out of the middle of the road and back to an area he was familiar with. We sat on a bench for a bit while he calmed down. When he had, he gave me a fast, awkward hug that took me by surprise before heading wherever he was going.

“I was late to work. I didn’t even care.”

3) kanikkers, a female, wrote, “I honestly feel like kind of a sh[*]thead for sharing this, but maybe people will be inspired to do something similar…?

“I tipped a Taco Bell drive-through worker a $20 once because I’d just gotten my first kiss and was feeling fantastic.”

Fujiwara_Bunta commented, “Did actually do something similar a couple years back.

“Stopped for gas at a Pilot, and saw some pregnant girl roaming around asking for cash for her electric bill or some such. She said her bill was something like $120 and she scrounged up about $40 and change.

“[I had a] good pay week from both my jobs at the time, so I opened my wallet and handed her a $100 bill.

“Not sure if it was a scam or not, but I did get a hug and kiss on the cheek from a teary-eyed and pregnant 20-ish year old.”

4) imthebar, a female, wrote, “This is small fries compared to some of these other posts, but I have routinely gone out of the way to return wallets when I find them. Looking up their Facebook via their ID when applicable to message them there, taking the bus more than an hour out of my way to physically hand it to them, and never ever ever taking any money or anything out, or snooping beyond checking out ID for returning purposes.

“I’ve lost my wallet too many times, and it SUCKS. I don’t want anyone to have to go through replacing stuff if it can be avoided, especially college students who are often short on cash, have out-of-state IDs with their parents’ addresses instead of where they currently live, and student IDs that are obnoxious to replace (I hated dropping $20 any time I needed a new one at school). So I figure it’s a little good karma to do whatever it takes to return the wallet, whenever possible.”

5) ageekyninja, a female, wrote, “I met a woman at a party who seemed a bit down in the dumps. I found out this stranger was the mother of a friend of mine who passed away several years before that. We talked about her daughter the entirety of the time we spent together, how wonderful and compassionate she was. The fact that she could share her grief with someone seemed to brighten her day.”

6) Ember357 wrote, “Had a guy in the neighborhood trying to find some work, door to door. Just a kid really. He had just moved into a trailer and his pregnant sister was moving in, too; they had nothing. I told him I didn’t have any work for him, but I took them about 50 bucks worth of groceries later that day. I think I could have knocked him over with a breath when he opened the door. Some people aren’t used to kindness. That’s a shame.”

7) SpermJackalope, a female, wrote, “I’ve prevented a few drunk girls from being raped. Usually never saw them again, never even really got their names or numbers, just called a friend of theirs to come pick them up or walked them home or something.”

Source: Girlwithnousername, “What is the biggest good deed you have done for a complete stranger?” Reddit. Askwomen. 10 July 2015


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