bigbearz: “What is the lowest thing you’ve had to do to survive?”

Here are some answers:

1) throwawayjoe90 wrote,“When I was homeless, I was living in a tent in the dead of winter. I had made a fire and was looking for any kind of animal to try and grab. Couldn’t find any. I hadn’t eaten for days and the shelter had stopped feeding folks due to budget. I had no money, no food, and I wasn’t going to last another few days.

“I mustered the strength to walk all the way to the nearest neighborhood. It was dark and cold, I couldn’t think straight, and I broke into a house. I felt so bad that I busted their window to get in, so I decided to grab the bones out of the trash, some bread from the top of their fridge, and whatever food I could get. I found a memo pad and left a note that said, ‘Sorry, was so hungry, can’t afford food’. That night I put the bones (oxtail IIRC [If I Recall Correctly], such an odd thing to eat) and some carrots and potatoes into my old camp pot with some water. Every bite I felt humiliated, shamed.

“When I found a stable job, I left an envelope with $50 in the mailbox and an explanation note.”

2) attempting2 wrote, “I lived in the back room of a heroin-addicted hoarder’s creepily old and tattered house for several months. I was temporarily homeless and had nowhere else to go really. My car took a turn for the worse. The Wisconsin winters are cold and rough. She was open to me staying there, as long as I shared my Cannabis with her. It ended up, as could probably have been predicted, horribly. I saw her and her drug-addicted friends do some pretty disgusting things, like fling their blood-soaked needles all over a room that children would later be playing in an hour later, wtf?!? I found razor blades stuffed in the couch I was sleeping on and using as my bed and used needles while vacuuming. She would break out in fits of RAGE when she didn’t have any drugs. It was a pretty sad and rather frightening time in my life. And I’m glad I got the Eff out of there!!”

3) Lydious wrote, “In 2007 I was in an abusive relationship where I was basically starved by my boyfriend. I had a job, but it was only part-time and it paid next to nothing. On top of that, my boyfriend would take what little money I did make and spend it all on pills & weed, and I rarely ever had money for lunch. Most days my lunch consisted of a large Dr. Pepper paid for with change that I found in the couch or on the street. I was so malnourished that I could barely stand up without fainting. There were lots of times when I got so hungry at work that I’d sneak into the break room and eat anything I found sitting out on the table. I ate food that would disgust most people, but hey, rotten apples can taste pretty good when you haven’t eaten in days. I felt bad for being the office food thief, but I was too ashamed to ask for help and I just did what I had to do to stay alive. I remember hiding in the bathroom crying, eating a stale brownie that my boss had eaten half of before I got to it.

“Those were dark days.”

Source: bigbearz, “What is the lowest thing you’ve had to do to survive?” Reddit. 6 August 2015

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