“Redditors Who have Met Famous People, Who was Nice?”

Here are some lightly edited answers:

1) Krebsy92 wrote, “Ryan Gosling is the best guy in the world.

“I used to work at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) every year as a PA. I’ve met tons of celebrities, but this story is amazing. My job was to sit in the rooms while the celebrities were being interviewed and make sure that reporters don’t go over time.

“So, Ryan Gosling was in promoting the film The Ides of March. For the first 30 minutes it was just me, him, and his publicist in the room, so we were all just talking and getting to know each other.

“Soon after, the interviews started. There are 2 main things that happened during the interviews.

“1) Reporters kept asking stupid questions like: ‘Would you vote George Clooney as your next president?’ Everytime that was said he always looked to me and said ‘Can’t vote [in the United States], I’m Canadian, right, Krebsy92? We are Canadian, can’t vote [there].’ This happened many times.

“2) I started coughing really loudly during one of the interviews. I couldn’t stop it. Ryan notices, stops the interview, and then gets me a bottle of water and asks if I’m doing okay.

“Finally, the day is done and Ryan Gosling asks if I have eaten anything. I hadn’t so me and him split a plate of chips and guacamole.

“Super nice guy, 10/10 would recommend being bros with Ryan Gosling.”

2) InDefenseOfTheGenre wrote, “Me and a friend met Paul Rudd in a small dive bar in NYC about 5 years back.

“We walked into the bar because the sign outside mentioned cheap beers. Only a few people were in there, and it was a small place… After going to the back to use the washroom, I noticed that Paul was sitting with a few friends in a back corner table, playing poker and having some beers.

“Instead of approaching him, we told the bartender to put their next round on our tab. About 15 minutes later, Paul walks up and puts his arm around me and my friend, thanking us for the gesture. He then proceeded to invite me and my buddy to hang out with him and his SNL [Saturday Night Live] writer friends for a couple drinks. He was so genuine and they were so kind to us… Asked all about our lives and had genuine interest in engaging in conversation. No egos, just a bunch of random people shooting the sh[*]t at a bar over some beers. We ended up hanging out for a couple more hours, listening to their industry stories and being fascinated with the whole [experience].

“Such a cool experience… Paul Rudd is the man.”

3) lady_of_machinery wrote, “Tom Cruise — I know. I hear it all the time when I mention this. I’ll repeat what I said before. The guy remembers everyone’s name, shakes people’s hands, makes sure everyone is okay. Incredibly dedicated to his craft and respectful towards others. Edit: Also thanks everyone a billion times. — [I worked with him on] Mission Impossible 4 & 5.”

Wyliecody commented, “My cousin has worked at Disney World several different times. The first time she ran into Tom Cruise, she didn’t realize it was him until he and his daughter were already walking off. His daughter asked my cousin if she knew Mickey Mouse as she was walking in the employee tunnel to go home. The second time was also in the employee tunnel; she said they were walking into the park and he was wearing a hat and normal clothes, no disguise or anything, he smiled at her as she passed them, then later when she was at her restaurant he came in to eat, he saw her and smiled and said hello again and her name. She said she was just shocked that he recognized her, she also said he was very polite. I still don’t believe he walked around Disney World without a disguise.”

lady_of_machinery commented on the comment, “He’s very open that way. I won’t address his religion […] but I cannot say a bad word about him as a person. He’s not fake nice either. He seriously cares so much about everything. His work, his crew, the extras, random people, and fans. I remember when I was hired on MI4, I just had the sh[*]ttiest opinion of him. And at that point, I had seen maybe only 3 movies of his and didn’t really care. Not gonna lie, it took me a couple of weeks to see this as genuine, but I absolutely did by the end of it and it ended up being some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a set. He also loves to treat the crew out for drinks at bars if we wrapped early. I don’t know… a lot of things shocked me when I met him. I think the most shocking bit for me was truly learning how much the media twists things around. […] I have a lot of respect for him as a person and would gladly work with him again.

“These days he’s so much more reserved in interviews, too, so people comment on how ‘cold’ he is as if they’re meaning to say, ‘Where’s the couch?’ … he’s f[*]cked if he does it, f[*]cked if he doesn’t.”

4) mwm5062 wrote, “Jason Mewes at Comic Con. F[*]cking awesome dude. At a booth doing a signing, he signed my item, took a pic with me and as I was leaving asked my name and shook my hand saying it was nice to meet me. He even managed to turn my awkward ‘holy sh[*]t I’m meeting Jason Mewes’ comment into a joke. His reply: ‘That’s nice to hear, usually people say “I f[*]cking hate you, Jay. Where’s Silent Bob?”’”

Source: wisemanKSig, “Redditors who have met famous people, who was nice and who was a jerk?” Reddit. 6 August 2015


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Death_proofer commented, “Mewes seems like a champ. I’m glad you didn’t meet him while he was on the drugs because even he says he was a total prick. Ever since he got out of rehab, he shows nothing but respect for people.”

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