Andrew Tobias: Good News

“We have a black President and Attorney General, women are accorded far more respect (20 in the Senate, up from zero; 3 on the Court, up from zero and zero), life is immeasurably better for LGBT Americans, most of the country is at least somewhat environmentally aware, our cars are safer and get triple the mileage, our air and water is cleaner, defense spending is down from 10% to 4% of GDP, we’re not being drafted to fight a pointless war, far fewer people smoke, life expectancy is up from 70 to 79, hips are easily replaced, our entertainment and communication choices are vastly greater, “boredom” is not possible for anyone with an Internet connection, and — perhaps most astonishing — watermelon is seedless.” — Andrew Tobias

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Romance Books by Brenda Kennedy (Some Free)

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