Melvin Burgess: “The only dangerous book is one that has a bomb in it, in my opinion.”



Recommended Reading:

Neil Gaiman: ‘my parents didn’t have any kind of rules about what I couldn’t read’ (Guardian; interview by Frances Myatt))

I was really lucky in that my parents definitely didn’t seem to have any kind of rules about what I couldn’t read. And that was wonderful, because it meant that whatever was on the shelves, if it was interesting, I could pick it up and I was allowed to read it.

Patrick Sproull and Melvin Burgess: Why Melvin Burgess’s ‘dangerous’ books aren’t dangerous at all ((Guardian)

Site member Patrick Sproull questions the bestselling author of Junk, Doing It and Persist about censorship, breaking taboos and whether there’s such a thing as a dangerous book.

Download free eBooks, including books for teachers, by David Bruce here:

Romance Books by Brenda Kennedy (Some Free)

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