Do You Like to Read Free Bad Books?

“Honey Badger Goes to Hell — and Heaven” was written by Martina Donna Ramone and a person who shall remain nameless.

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avoid at all costs

By PETER HENDERSON on July 10, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I hate giving either one or five star reviews. Those should be reserved only for the very extreme cases. With that being said, this seems like an extreme case. Extremely bad, that is.

From the description I expected this to be something like a modernized retelling of Dante’s Inferno. And I still think that was probably the original intention. But that isn’t how it comes across. It comes out as a description of one persons personality and a list of things she hates and loves. The basic premise seems to be that if you are exactly like this person in every possible detail then you are a saint. So instead of being a treatise on good and evil, right and wrong, the book is more of just a way to insult 99.99% of the human race.

I am a meticulous reader. If I start a book, I will go to great extremes to finish it, no matter how unreadable it may seem. Of the thousands of books I’ve bought, I could count on my fingers the ones I haven’t finished. But on this one I have to admit I skipped a few chapters. About 60% through I just couldn’t take it anymore so I skipped ahead to see if it got better near the end. (spoiler: it doesn’t)

I have no problem with the authors extremely liberal opinions. That isn’t what makes this book bad. That honor goes to the repetitive writing style and the complete lack of any characters or plot, and the extreme arrogance required to be able to write this.

This book is unreadable. I highly recommend that only the author’s psychiatrist and immediate family should ever read this.

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