Tyler, the Creator on Censorship

Tyler Censorship

Recommended Reading:

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd: “Tyler, the Creator on being banned from the UK: ‘I’m being treated like a terrorist’” (Guardian)

“This is only gonna open a door for other people to get banned. And then they’re gonna go after video games, and then they’re gonna go after movies, and we’re gonna live in such a sensitive world. It’s like the world is scared of everything. I feel like everyone is so sensitive to everything, and if they don’t like something it’s like: “Oh my God, I don’t like the colour yellow – let’s get yellow banned from every country, let’s sign a petition – let’s start a hashtag to make sure this colour is never seen, because I don’t like it and I don’t understand it.”


Joe Muggs: Once you start banning rappers like Tyler, the Creator, where do you stop? (Guardian)

If the former Odd Future member really has been refused a UK visa because of offensive lyrics, then a dangerous precedent has been set.


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