Wendy Killian: “See You Soon, Sweet Girl”

In April 2013, Nicole Miller, an 8-year-old first-grader at Mansfield Christian School in Ohio, received a kidney transplant. The donor was her kindergarten teacher from the previous year, Wendy Killian. Just before they were taken into the pre-operation area, Ms. Killian told Nicole, “See you soon, sweet girl.” Brian Miller, Nicole’s father, said about her, “For her to be able to feel good and not live in a fog because her body’s not able to dispose of waste properly … seeing what she’s going to be like is the exciting part for me as a parent.” Ms. Killian’s husband, Stu, said, “I thought it was a great thing to do. God puts you in certain situations for a reason.” Nicole’s mother, Letitia, said about her, “She’s been excited about the thought of getting a new kidney.” Ms. Killian said she wanted to be a donor because a donor helped her son when he needed a blood platelet transfusion.By the way, A.C. Grimes wrote about Ms. Killian in an article titled “6 Badass Teachers Who Should Get Paid More Than Any CEO.” This is how the article began: “Under the best of circumstances, a career in education is a labor of benevolent masochism. Teachers spend forever and a summer crafting lesson plans for ungrateful students who draw nasty caricatures of them on their Trapper Keepers. But there are some educators who have gone above and beyond even that high bar, pole vaulting into nigh-sainthood.”

For Further Information:

Associated Press, “Teacher saves student by donating kidney.” CBS News. 30 April 2013


Source: A.C. Grimes, “6 Badass Teachers Who Should Get Paid More Than Any CEO.” Cracked. 24 August 2015


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