“I had $120 in My Front Pocket and I Reached in My Pocket. I Didn’t Do It for Everybody to See Me, You Know. I had It in My Hand and I Handed It to Her”

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Rosell FB

Source of Above Screenshots: http://tinyurl.com/punsmqn

In the summer of 2015, David Bugarin of Roswell, New Mexico, performed a good deed in the Roswell Walmart. The credit card of a woman with two children was declined, and she started to leave without her groceries. Mr. Bugarin said, “Something told me, you know, to help her out. I had $120 in my front pocket and I reached in my pocket. I didn’t do it for everybody to see me, you know. I had it in my hand and I handed it to her.” A woman witnessed the good deed and posted about it on Facebook, saying that she was surprised by the good deed because Mr. Bugarin has many tattoos, including tattoos of horns on his forehead, and she judged by his appearance that he would not do such a kind deed. Mr. Bugarin knows that his tattoos affect many people that way: “I get the looks and I see the people get uneasy when I come around, until they know me, until they talk to me and find out who I am.” Empathy made him perform the good deed. He said, “I’ve been there. I know the situation. I know how it feels and I didn’t want to put her on the spot, so you know, I kind of just kind of snuck it to her and I walked away.” He added, “I just believe that it’s random acts of kindness that make a difference.” By the way, after giving her the money, he did not have enough money to pay for his own items.

For Further Information: Cheyenne Cope, “Roswell man’s good deed draws attention.” KRQE (Albuquerque, New Mexico). 28 August 2015


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