“If We Didn’t Get a Transplant, She was Going to Die”

Chalk up another victory for modern medicine. Scientists have discovered a way to cure Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, which can be fatal. The illness occurs when the good bacteria in in our intestines die off and the bad bacteria take over. The way to cure this condition is with a fecal transplant. Yes, good, healthy poop is transplanted into the ill person’s colon so that the good bacteria can reproduce. In early 2014, three-year-old Avery Lee, a child who lives in the Atlanta area of Georgia, was diagnosed with the persistent bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, and stomach cramps of C. diff. after she had taken antibiotics to combat a sinus infection. But on 3 July 2014 she received a fecal transplant at GI Care for Kids of Atlanta and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and is doing well. Avery’s father, John Lee, said, “If we didn’t get a transplant, she was going to die.” Amy Lee, Avery’s mother, said, “It’s incredible how many people a fecal transplant can save, and help, and cure, and give life again. [Avery] literally got her life back.” Dr. Jeffery Lewis, Avery’s doctor, said, “What they’ve found is that if you take healthy bacteria from a healthy person, who has not been on antibiotics, and you place that into the digestive tract, the C. diff magically goes away. We’re talking about 90-95% response rates.” He added, “You’re putting a whole new rainforest in. You’re putting a whole new ecosystem of balance in. So, it’s the ultimate probiotic. The bacteria takes hold, it starts to repopulate.” Avery’s father, John Lee, said, “We went home that afternoon [after the fecal transplant] and I think she took a very, very long nap. And within a few days, normal bowel movements resumed, and it was a miracle.”

For More Information: “Georgia Girl gets Life-saving Fecal transplant to treat C. diff infection.” Ktlaz. Accessed 11 September 2015


For More Information: Beth Galvin, “Georgia Girl Battling Deadly C.Diff Infection Saved by Fecal Transplant.” Fox. 31 August 2015


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