“Will You Go to the Prom with Sarah?”

Source: Sarah Kardonsky, “‪MIKE PAGANO.” YouTube. 25 March 2015


Sarah Kardonsky of Levittown, New York, decided to ask Michael Pagano, who has autism, to the prom, but she wanted top do it in a special way. Knowing that Michael was a big fan of the New York Jets, she got of nine Jets players to ask on video, “Will you go to the prom with Sarah?” The Jets players helping Sarah get a prom date were T.J. Barnes, Antonio Cromartie, Leger Douzable, Shaquelle Evans, Saalim Hakim, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Dexter McDougle, Chris Owusu, and Bilal Powell. Michael was shocked by the video, but he said, “Yes.” Sarah said about Michael, “He’s so special. He is the sweetest guy I ever met. Michael called the prom proposal, “Pretty special. I would never think someone would do this for me.” Sarah said, “Everything was so Mike could have a good prom. I get to look pretty. He gets to have fun.” She added, “Everybody that gets to know Mike is absolutely head over heels in love with him. The people who don’t really know Mike are very unlucky for not knowing him.” By the way, they were elected Prom King and Queen.

For More Information:

Zayda Rivera, “New York Jets players help high school senior Sarah Kardonsky ask autistic friend Michael Pagano to prom.” New York Daily News. 4 June 2015


“High School Prom Dates Set Up By The Jets Ready For Big Event In Levittown.” CBS (New York). 12 June 2015


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