“The Car was Drowning and I had Just Seen Two Little Girls Screaming for Their Lives”

On 8 September 2015, Octavio Herrera of Somerton, Arizona, became a hero following a storm in Yuma, Arizona. He said, “I started hearing like ‘Help! Help!’ and my neighbor’s like, ‘Hey, you should go see what’s going on.’ And I started hearing ‘Help!’ and I thought it was maybe like little kids. But then I started hearing the desperation, so I ran into the water and since it was kind of dark I couldn’t really see, you know.” The storm had caused flooding and a car carrying two women and their babies was in a five-foot-deep pool of water. Mr. Herrera said, “The car was drowning and I had just seen two little girls screaming for their lives. They were saying, ‘Help me! Help me!’ And I was like ‘Aw, snap’ and I just like basically ran into the water, you know. And I had seen the car drowning so I just ran in there and got the girls out and the windows were down and they had the babies with them. So I just told them,’ Give me the babies,’ you know, and ‘Just jump into the water; you guys will be fine.’” One of the women gave him her baby, and other people began to help. No lives were lost. Asked if he considered himself a hero, Mr. Herrera said, “No, I’m not a hero. I’m just doing what I should’ve been doing. I’m not afraid of danger, especially when it’s someone’s life is in danger.”

For Further Information: Heather Yako, “Good samaritan saves women and children in Somerton flood.” KYMA (Yuma, Arizona/El Centro, California). 11 September 2015


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