“Don’t You Know God Loves Everyone, Even Boys Who Like Boys!”

At a technology store in Denver, Colorado, two gay men who were holding hands and occasionally engaging in a little kissing asked if the store did wedding registry. The store did not, but the manager, a lesbian, began to explain a work-around solution. An impatient customer, a woman, complained, “Come on, none of us have time to be dealing with your little gay pride bulls***! None of you should be getting married anyway. It’s a sin!” This upset a little girl who was there with her mother. The little girl stomped her foot and said to the complaining woman, “That’s not nice! You say you’re sorry, right now!” The complaining woman replied, “I will not apologize to sinners! What they are doing is wrong! God hates people like—” The little girl interrupted and said, “No! Girls can like girls and boys can like boys. If God wanted boys and girls only to like each other then he would have made them only like each other! And don’t you know God loves everyone, even boys who like boys!” The complaining woman left the store, and the little girl put an expensive robotic toy on the counter and said, “I want this, please.” One of the gay men said, “My soon-to-be husband and I would like to pay for that,” and the manager said, “And wouldn’t you know it, we give 50% discounts to amazing little girls here!”

Source: “God Loves Little Girls Who Stand Up For Others.” Not Always right. Accessed 13 September 2015


Lots of Books by David Bruce (Some Free)


Romance Books by Brenda Kennedy (Some Free)


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