Great Boss

During July 2015 Redditor kt2133 posted this on the ExamplesOfGood subReddit: “This last year I was having a lot of health issues and bounced from doctor to doctor. I racked up a lot of medical bills in the process. I am a single mom and doing good for myself but was still overwhelmed by my finances and my health. After a short time I used up all my vacation and sick days, but my boss decided to continue to pay me as if I had never missed a day. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, on one particular day I drove two hours to see a neurologist, hoping they would help with more tests or have more answers, but sadly she was completely rude and not helpful at all. I returned to work the next day and under my keyboard was a sticky note from my boss that said, ‘Heard yesterday was rough, here is to help w/ medical bills’ with $200 attached. It’s been almost a year and I still think about how meaningful those acts of kindness were.”

Source: kt2133, “Great Boss.” Reddit. July 2015

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