“What is the Downright SCARIEST Thing that has Ever Happened to You?”

On 13 September 2015, Redditor Xavendeir asked, “What is the downright SCARIEST thing that has ever happened to you, be it paranormal or otherwise?” Here are some answers:

1) HundRetter wrote, “When I was younger and visiting my parents, I took my stumpy, never-met-a-stranger Lab mutt out to go potty around 5 AM. At the end of the super long driveway I ran into a guy just kind of hanging out in the pine trees. He asked for a cigarette and when I said I didn’t have one he wished me a good night. The whole time my happy little dog (She must have been about 10 months old) was straining towards him for attention.

“I get halfway up the driveway and she suddenly lunges behind me, practically ripping my shoulder out of the socket. Just going absolutely ape sh[*]t, something I have never and still haven’t seen from her to this day 8 years later. When I spun around to get her under control, I see the guy is just beyond her reach booking it away. He was following me up the driveway. Later I remember my family remarking over the few days I was there that it smelled like cigarettes around the front porch and garage. This guy had probably been hanging around our house. I don’t know what would had happened had my dog not flipped her sh[*]t.”

2) gothamsdarknightwing wrote, “I was about 5 or 6 years old living in Dallas and I was in the nurse’s office when the tornado warning siren went off. The nurse ran out of the room towards the other side of the school, leaving me behind. The lights had gone off and I didn’t want to be alone so I went to follow her and ended up on this ramp that connected both sides of the school. To the right of me was the cafeteria and on my left was a wall with floor-to-ceiling windows. It was so dark outside that I could barely see anything out the window. The sound of the siren combined with the intense wind scared me the most. By this point I was in tears and I just stood there for who knows how long because I was so scared. Then the vice principal came running up the ramp, scooped me in her arms and asked whose class I was in. I remember walking into the classroom and seeing my teacher with a flashlight in her hands huddled with the other students in the middle of the classroom. Sixteen years later Ms. May is still my hero.

2) CariniGambarini wrote, “I worked in a coffee shop in high school. One night, right around closing, this woman comes up to the counter looking slightly frantic and tells us someone is following her. We told her to come into the back with us and use the phone to call the police. As the office door closed, in walked a disheveled-looking guy. He just stood there looking around the store for a minute or so and, not seeing her, turned and left. Never be afraid to ask for help from other people.”

Plantgirli gave this advice: “For girls (and boys!) reading this, I’ve scared off several people following me by doing [the following]. Walk somewhere that is very close with a considerable number of people in it (think a public library or a Starbucks) and stay for a while. If there’s no doubt they’re following you and they keep doing so, ask them loudly why they’re following you in that public place. Make sure that you have a safe person to walk or drive you home or elsewhere. If you feel the need, call the cops! Seriously, guys, when I get scared I sometimes lose my brains and have to remind myself not to hide.”

4) Purplesheets wrote, “I used to work in a really bad area and one night I came out to my car to see three really big Samoan guys breaking into my car. I have no idea why but I yelled, ‘What the f[*]ck do you think you are doing! That’s my car you’re breaking into!’ It was around 8 at night so there were still some people in the parking lot, I was just parked way in the back. I’m a 5-foot, 95-pound female. In retrospect I was pretty much asking to get the sh[*]t beaten out of me. I have no idea where my anger came from, or the guts I had that I did that. I’m pretty sure the reason they just ran off was because I yelled in a parking lot full of people and everyone turned and looked. Pro-tip, draw as much attention as possible if you think you’re in real danger. Statistically you’re less likely to get attacked if you draw attention to your attacker. Yell, kick, scream, make a huge scene.”

5) sh[*]tzykid wrote, “I had a man shove me into a change room at a store I worked at and I feel ashamed for just freezing […]. Luckily my coworker noticed. She was a 60-year-old tiny Chinese woman who suddenly developed Hulk strength and literally threw the guy out of the room. He ran out and nothing came of it other than me feeling like a piece of sh[*]t…”

For More Information: Xavendeir, “What is the downright SCARIEST thing that has ever happened to you, be it paranormal or otherwise?” Reddit. 13 September 2015 <http://tinyurl.com/p7nd7as>.

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